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CrossFit Surgo is Charlotte’s premier athletic facility. We offer multiple fitness programs led by an outstanding team of coaches. Individuals across the spectrum of athletic ability and experience achieve their goals with our training. Our methods result in physical development, personal growth and increased vitality. You will quickly discover that the benefits of our approach distinctly improve your daily activities and overall lifestyle. With our expert training assistance, you will get in better shape than you ever dreamed possible. Your confidence and self-satisfaction will soar with every milestone you reach.


Our GoFit program is for anyone who’s searching for a class to begin working out, or looking to get back into it. Whether you’re coming to us from another field of exercise or even straight off the couch, you will get an outstanding yet manageable workout with GoFit.


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Personal Training

Program Design

Expert Instructors

Our CrossFit certified coaches are deeply committed to empowering members to achieve their fitness goals. Our education, experience and attitude sets us apart from other trainers and yields proven results for our members. Our coaching methods will bring out the best in you by unleashing the athlete within.

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Owner & Head Coach

Matt Richards

Coach & General Manager

Crystal Sain

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Josh Lanza

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Matt Streets


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