GoFit fitness program charlotte nc



This customized fitness approach is for anyone who’s searching for a class to begin working out, or looking to get back into it. Whether you’re coming to us from another field of exercise or even straight off the couch, you will get an outstanding yet manageable workout with GoFit.


This program is designed for busy, on-the-go people who need to maximize every second. These 45-minute functional fitness classes charge you up and get you ready to power through your day. Whether you’re a business executive, active mom, former athlete, or someone with zero experience in the gym, we guarantee you’re going to get the workout you want and need with GoFIT.


GoFIT IS ABOUT RESULTS. You’ll weigh in monthly, track your routines, and be part of an amazing community of people just like you. Smaller classes of 10-15 will allow you to get to know the person sweating beside you. You’ll also receive a more personalized coaching experience, so we can make sure you’re moving effectively and efficiently. Our goal is to get you moving well inside the gym so you can attack whatever life throws at you outside of it.

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