About CrossFit Surgo

CrossFit Surgo is the premier CrossFit facility serving the vibrant Eastside neighborhoods of Plaza Midwood, NoDa, Villa Heights, Belmont, Optimist Park and other nearby communities. Our knowledgeable and experienced coaches lead one-hour classes that help individuals of all backgrounds reach their elite fitness goals through the methodologies of CrossFit. By focusing on functional fitness (pick it up, put it down, move yourself, move something else), we help our members become versatile all-around athletes.

Our mission is to provide a well-rounded fitness experience.



In 2013, former Division I athlete Matt Richards established CrossFit Surgo to teach the methodologies of CrossFit, strength training, Olympic lifting, sport specific training and gymnastics. These concentrations would go hand-in-hand with weight-loss assistance through specially programmed workouts and nutritional guidance. The move fulfilled Coach Matt’s dream of creating a well-rounded facility emphasizing acceptance and support. It allowed him to share his knowledge and talents with individuals across the spectrum of athletic ability with a passion to change their lives. Today, CrossFit Surgo is a flourishing community of like-minded individuals who strive to improve their fitness and support each other along the way.




“Surgo,” a Latin word meaning “to GROW, to RISE, to LIFT,” is our name because it reflects our values and what we aim to offer every individual in the Charlotte community.


GROW: Our programs are designed to help you grow mentally and physically. It’s an amazing feeling to accomplish your goals; our methods will get you there.


RISE: Our community is second to none. We steadfastly encourage one another to rise and meet the challenges of daily living.


LIFT: Our methodologies are based on resistance training. Lifting barbells, dumbbells, kettlebells and your own body weight will give you physique-sculpting, fat-burning, lean muscle mass.


crossfit coach Matt

Owner & Head Coach: Matt Richards

Certifications: CrossFit Level 1, CrossFit Level 2, CrossFit Gymnastics, Paoli Freestyle Gymnastics, CrossFit Football

Coach Matt started doing CrossFit 10 years ago at its infancy. It took one workout and he was hooked. CrossFit is all about improving yourself and he has a passion to improve, and to help others do the same. From 2003-2007, Matt played college football at the University of Arizona. When his career ended, he stopped exercising regularly and gained weight. After years of working in the corporate world and being out of shape, he made the momentous decision to quit his sales gig and pursue a career in fitness training.


After coaching for five years, Matt decided to open CrossFit Surgo and build a community of like-minded people who wanted to improve their lives. Today, he has successfully trained hundreds of individuals from all backgrounds. Through his own continued development and seeing others achieve their goals every day at CrossFit Surgo, his passion for coaching is stronger than ever.

GoFit fitness program charlotte nc

Coach: Becky Cato

Certifications: Crossfit Level 1, Crossfit Level 2, Crossfit Kids

Becky is a mom of 4 who found fitness later in life. Her background is not that of an athlete; having a fairly sedentary lifestyle most of her adult life. After having her second child, she was forced to make diet modifications which led to weight loss, and she started running and training for her first 5k. That first 5K led to a couple years of Triathlons and endurance training mixed with a little weight training. Having 4 kids, she needed something less time consuming; and found Crossfit. Crossfit changed her life, her body, and gave her confidence she never had before. Becky has coached Crossfit for the past 2 years, coaching Kids, Masters, and everything in between. She has a passion for helping others become healthy, lose weight, and find out what their bodies are truly capable of; no matter what stage of life they are in.

crossfit coach Josh L

Coach: Josh Lanza

Certifications: CrossFit Level 1, CrossFit Level 2

Josh has been a part of the Surgo training staff for over a year. He has a passion for improving his coaching abilities and continuing his education, which includes recently securing his CrossFit Level 2 certification. “Sometimes I am more excited than the athlete when something in the workout clicks for them,” he says.


Josh came to CrossFit after years of watching from the outside and wondering why people were doing the program. Once he tried it, he was instantly hooked. The changes in his own body confirmed his belief that “it is never too late to start improving yourself.” As the resident Master’s athlete, he has a particularly great understanding of the movements and their benefits for members “of a certain age.” He takes pride in helping everyone excel in their fitness goals, and encourages people of all abilities and ages to add a healthy diet and exercise to their daily living.

crossfit coach Matt S

Coach: Matt Streets

Certifications: CrossFit Level 1, CrossFit Mobility

Matt is the newest member of the CrossFit Surgo staff. He is from a small town in rural Ohio, and (except for a few years of wrestling) wasn’t much into traditional sports growing up. He was more interested in dirt bikes, BMX bikes and extreme sports. He also spent a lot of time in the weight room during his formative years . Then, he basically walked away from it all – going through many years of no exercise and unhealthy living.


Everything changed when Matt discovered CrossFit. “My first class I thought ‘this is crazy, I’m gonna die!’” Four years later, he still has that feeling and still loves the challenge. Matt is a student of CrossFit who has used the program to improve his own life. Those gains fuel his passion today for coaching at CrossFit Surgo.



CrossFitOur CrossFit group classes are led by certified CrossFit instructors. You will be challenged and safely instructed through a one-hour workout that can be scaled to accommodate CrossFit athletes from novice to expert.


GoFITThis is not your average “boot camp” group fitness class. This program is designed for busy, on-the-go people who need to maximize every second. These 45-minute functional fitness classes charge you up and get you ready to power through your day. Whether you’re a business executive, active mom, former athlete, or someone with zero experience in the gym, we guarantee you’re going to get the workout you want and need with GoFIT. You’ll weigh in monthly, track your routines, and be part of an amazing community of people just like you. Smaller classes of 10-15 will allow you to get to know the person sweating beside you. You’ll also receive a more personalized coaching experience, so we can make sure you’re moving effectively and efficiently. Our goal is to get you moving well inside the gym so you can attack whatever life throws at you outside of it.


Personal TrainingWe offer one-on-one coaching for individuals of any fitness level. Whether your goal is weight loss, sports performance, preparing for the CrossFit Games, or simply improving your health, we’ve got you covered. Set up a free consultation and review your goals with our experienced coaches.


Program DesignThis service is for individuals who want guidance getting started in the gym or want to know how to effectively work toward their fitness goals. We offer a three-step analysis to assess your goals and plan how to get you there. Once we know your objectives, we will develop a personalized program just for you.


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